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Harel Schwarz – Certified Home Inspector

As a graduate of the school of Engineering at UC Berkeley, I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering and worked for a number of years as a Professional Engineer designing residential, commercial, and high-rise buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After moving with my wife and our two children to Pittsburgh, PA, I made a decision to switch my career path by taking my experience in Engineering and applying it to a field where I felt I could really help people. This is when I started my career as a home inspector and I could not be more excited about the work that I do.

Inspectioneering is the unique combination of home inspection services with the added expertise of a Professional Engineer. After years of running a successful home inspection business in PA, I decided to move back to California with my family, where I started Inspectioneering, a home inspection and consulting business in the Greater Sacramento Area.

The knowledge that I bring to the home inspection market from my years in engineering and performing inspections on homes, commercial properties and structural inspections, gives me an added advantage to better help my clients understand the issues that exist in their homes and properties. I view home inspections as detective work. If I can find one or two clues, I can determine whether and how they are related in order to help my clients determine whether they are making the right investment.

My other passion is classic cars. My “work truck” is a Mustang Convertible that houses a 16 FT telescopic ladder and all of my inspection tools in the trunk. I feel that my love for old cars and old houses comes from the same root.

I have an ability to convey my findings in such a way that my clients will feel comfortable and prepared. My clients also appreciate my knowledge and my enthusiasm, because this is my dream job. I am sure my experience, knowledge, and my enthusiasm for inspecting homes will benefit you when you are facing such a life-changing decision.

Proudly Serving the Greater Sacramento Area

Including Davis, Dixon, Woodland, Winters, Vacaville, Roseville, Rancho Cordova, and Fairfield

Part of what I love most about working in the Greater Sacramento Area is the history of the historical houses. Although I enjoy inspecting most any type of home, old houses tell stories, and engaging in history as I do my work makes it even more enjoyable.

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At Inspectioneering, LLC no corner will be left un-examined, as Harel’s unparalleled knowledge of structures and the building process, as well as his dedication to his customers, has prepared him to give you the best and most thorough inspections available.

If expert and reliable home inspection services are what you are looking for, then you’ve found the right company for the job.  Contact Harel Schwarz at Inspectioneering, LLC today to set up your home inspection appointment.  We are here to put your mind at ease.

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